Who Am I?


Hi!  I am Chelle!  I am a wife, a mother, a crafter, a lover of Earth, a traveler… to the extreme.  I love life, I love people.  I love God.  I believe in Omnism.

I met Scott, my hubby in 2003, I think.  We had our ups and downs in the beginning as many young relationships do but, eventually came through it and were married on July 10, 2010.  Since then, we have had two little girls, Delainey (January 2011) and Myranda (August 2012).  These 3 are my world.

As far as our lifestyle, before kids, in 2005, we decided to travel to help with Hurricane Katrina clean up… we borrowed my husbands parents camper.  27 Feet with no slide outs.  We had 2 friends staying with us so 4 adults in a small space.  We loved it!  We loved the freedom.  We loved the people we met, the friends we made.  We loved the new restaurants and the different culture.  We wanted more. So, in 2006, we sold our home and bought a big 5th wheel (RV with no engine that sits on top of a truck for those with no clue… I used to have no clue).  And so the travel life began. We did have 4 years in between where we purchased a home for our oldest daughter because that was what we thought she needed.  We spent 2 of those 4 years on the road and the other 2, we felt caged and tied to a home that we loved less than we loved traveling.  Once we finally sold, we were back on the road and upgraded to a high end, 2 bedroom 5th wheel with all of the amenities of home and plenty of room for our kids.  This is still our home (2 years so far) and I couldn’t ask for a better place to live.

As far as traveling, at the point of writing this, I think I have been to something like 37 states and Scott has been to 39 maybe.  Interestingly, our girls, 4 and 6, have been in 23 states!  That is more than I had been when I graduated high school.. by a long shot.  Now you probably ask… “Well, what do you do about school?”… Previously, I did preschool homeschooling.  Currently, Delainey does go to school in the area we are in.  She loves it, and we aren’t leaving any time soon so, we will see where we progress in the future. As far as friends, my girls have friends all over the country who we fly or drive to see and they talk to often.

I love the Earth.  I love nature.  I love all things natural.  I love trees and animals. While I stray, I try to eat as naturally as possible and think I could live in a rainforest.  I have always thought that actually.  As a child, I wanted to be an artist and rainforest biologist.  That way I could live in the forest and make beautiful art.  Oh doesn’t that sound amazing. Only natural smells and the smell of rain (I LOVE rain…)… lush greenery all around, maybe even off grid with a wood fireplace… and the freedom to create without the influence of internet or society.  THAT would be my dream.

I have an amazing ability to analyze other people’s situations from their standpoint.  To envision how they might think and the struggles they might endure.  While I am thankful for it, it is sometimes heartbreaking to think about what others are persevering through.  This gives me the ability to instead of judge someone else by their situation, to follow my own heart and do what I think is right… which doesn’t always follow what others would do.  I always tell my husband that we don’t have the right to judge, only to empathize.

Unfortunately, I have my faults, I do judge.  I sometimes eat bad.  I sometimes say bad words or yell at my children.  I forget to pray and I believe that good is in the soul.  I believe that God speaks to us in the most unexpected moments but we often don’t hear.  I believe that we can follow God regardless of whether we are able to attend church or find a church that fulfills our yearn for fellowship.  I believe that God is good but, he(or she depending on how you believe) will challenge us, in ways we don’t understand…  and don’t seem fair.  I believe.

This is me.  This is who I am unfiltered.


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