Is this REALLY safe to put on our kids? 

This past weekend, Scott packed up his backpack to go ride his bicycle around San Francisco, something he does fairly often. Naturally, every time he goes, he packs an array of necessities… Water, his wallet, sunscreen, etc… Well, this time, something different happened. 

He had taken an aerosol can of Coppertone Kids SPF 50 and the top unfortunately wasn’t locked… So… At some point during his ride, the top of the can got pushed down and started spraying into his backpack. It sprayed all over everything inside of the bag… Including his entire wallet. 

No big deal right? Take a little time and wipe it all down or dry it out… It will all be ok! Not this time… This aerosol spray ate everything… All of his credit card strips were eaten off of the cards, his Costco card strip gone… Even the photo from his California Electrical License was smeared to a marbled look. 

Even the inside of the backpack was eaten… Burn holes throughout the bag… 

My thought on this is… This is what I use on my children! I have always had a preference for aerosol sunscreens because I feel like it gives my girls better coverage as they are impatiently waiting to be covered in sunscreen so they can run to play. 

I have had cream sunscreens come open before and they never did anything like this. 

While my children and myself have never had a chemical burn from sunscreen, I certainly see where it is a possibility after seeing this. Also, using less aerosol is better for our Earth and Ozone layer. In the future, our household will be using cream sunscreens. 

I did highly consider switching to coconut oil but, after researching found it is only SPF 5… But, will be looking for other natural options… So send me your ideas! 

I did check the warning label as well and while this product obviously isn’t meant to get sprayed anywhere aside from skin(it even has a locking lid… Which just wasn’t locked), there is no warning that it will eat anything it comes in contact with. 


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  1. At my job, Dermacare is downstairs and carries this amazing Sunscreen called Supergoop. Google it, it comes in a variety of sprays and sticks, and pumps. You may call 618-942-3344, I can transfer to the aestheticians that know more about it if you have questions. We do ship out as well, but you may find it on their site.


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