Self Image

I have been trying to figure out how to write this post for several days. Throughout my cancer journey, I don’t think I realized just how all of this would affect my self image. It’s odd, I feel emotionally stronger than ever and ready to do anything and everything. I definitely grasp life… Even when I am tired, most days I am out doing something… Anything… Just to explore and love and enjoy life. I love life more than ever… But, I don’t currently love the “new” me… 

Everyone tells me how beautiful I am but, for me, I can only grasp it for fleeting moments… Between being bald, all of the zombie scars and gaining 25 lbs during chemo (which my doctor informed me is very typical for breast cancer patients), it has given me a new outlook on the way I look… And the way we all look. 

While I don’t enjoy my current look, I do enjoy my life and I am a good person. It has made me realize that looks REALLY don’t define anything. Who we are cannot be seen by the eye. Who we are is within. You can’t judge a person by their hair or clothes or how much they weigh… 

It has also made me realize that I am my own worst enemy. I judge myself so much harder than others. It doesn’t make sense. 

So… If you are struggling with self image as well… Keep living your life… And loving it. What you look like doesn’t define you… Who you are does and is all that really matters. ❤


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  1. Chelle, Everybody owns a scar to show us how we got this far !!!!! blue October Love you so much and so proud of you for showing your family how to deal with life with grace a dignity


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